Paros sits in the heart of the Aegean sea and belongs to the Cyclades. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, mainly known for its traditional Cycladic architecture and enchanting sandy beaches with transparent waters.

Find out everything about your holidays in Paros Greece in our travel guide! Discover the best things to do, beautiful sights, fantastic beaches, top hotels and restaurants, as well as a wide selection of breathtaking photos!

The island is easily reachable via plane from the International Airport of Athens and by ferry from the ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion). Being close to the most renowned Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos, Paros is the perfect starting point for island hopping!
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Paros is an island at the center of the Cyclades island group. Combining modern with traditional elements in the most unique way, it is a mix of traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid nightlife, magical beaches, enchanting rural villages and historical monuments.
Whether you’re after a relaxing holiday or you are more of a thrill-seeker, Paros island will give you exactly what you want!

Boasting a beautiful natural landscape and 120 km of coastline, Paros is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It has endless golden-sand beaches, verdant mountains and cliff-top villages.

Being a short ferry ride away from Athens, it is easily accessible from Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion ports. What’s more, its proximity to popular Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos makes it the perfect island-hopping base!

The two main villages of Paros and the places where the heart of the island’s nightlife beats are Parikia and Naoussa.
Full of traditional taverns, luxurious restaurants and sophisticated bars, Parikia and Naoussa overflow with young crowds every night during summer.
If busy places and loud music aren’t your cups of tea, though, you can wander in the tranquil traditional villages of Lefkes and Marpissa.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the different faces of Paros!

In truth, this island is famous for one thing in particular: its beaches! Beautiful, sandy, with crystal clear waters and many facilities, the beaches of Paros are stunning! Santa Maria, Golden Beach and Kolymbithres are some of the most famous ones. However, there are also many secluded beaches, for those who seek privacy!

Are you a water sports enthusiast? Then Paros is going to be your dream destination! Its ideal wind conditions, thanks to the “Meltemia” winds, rank it as a top destination for water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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When searching for a place to stay in Paros, the wide variety of facilities to choose from will not disappoint you!
The island is one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece and the tourist infrastructure is certainly well-developed. The majority of accommodation facilities are either central or seafront, while some are also located in small villages or at remote places in the countryside. Some of the most popular areas to look for accommodation include Parikia, Naoussa & Golden Beach. In order to blend harmoniously into the surroundings, accommodation facilities have been built according to the standards of Cycladic architecture to help preserve the local tradition.

Luxury hotels, budget apartments, family-run studios and villas with private pools are among the options, accommodating the needs of all kinds of visitors. Discover all the accommodation options in Paros and find the best place to spend your vacation!

Some of the most popular hotels are:
Parilio  • Cosme  • Seesoo  • Mr. & Mrs. White  • Saint Andreas


The most popular way to reach Paros is by ferry from Athens (Piraeus port) but the island can also be reached by taking a flight.
You can also include Paros in an island-hopping itinerary as many other beautiful Greek islands are located nearby: Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, Milos and more.
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Discover the best of Paros! From sightseeing to activities and from tours to restaurants, we give you the best recommendations for the ultimate holiday experience! You can also view All things to do.

  • Swim at Kolymbithres
    Category: Beaches
    Located right opposite the bay of Naoussa, Kolymbithres is famous for its crystal waters and the nice rock formations. It is accessible by bus or boat from Naoussa.
  • Naoussa, the cosmopolitan village
    Category: Villages
    The old port of Naoussa is the most picturesque spot in Paros. Located on the northern side of the island, Naoussa has many fish restaurants, lounge bars and cafeterias.
  • Lefkes, the traditional village
    Category: Villages
    Lefkes is a mountainous village with pure Cycladic architecture, located in the center of the inland. This was the old capital of the island until the mid-19th century.
  • Stay at Spiti Marie
    Category: Hotels
    Spiti Marie (Marie’s House) is a beautiful villa offering comfort and amazing views. It located in Aspro Chorio, few kilometers aways from Golden Beach and the village of Drios.
  • Golden beach
    Category: Beaches
    One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Golden Beach has soft sand and crystal waters. This is also a popular windsurfing spot on the island.
  • Stroll around Parikia
    Category: Villages
    Parikia is the capital and main port of the island. It has a typical Cycladic architecture with beautiful alleys with whitewashed cubic and flat-roofed houses with spare architectural lines and colored wooden doors, windows, and balconies.
  • Learn to Kitesurf
    Category: Sports
    Take a kitesurfing lesson! Paros is one of the most popular destinations in Greece for kitesurfing and more especially the beach of Pounda.
  • The instagramic Agios Ioannis Detis
    Category: Things to see
    Agios Ioannis Detis is a beautiful blue-domed church overlooking the bay of Naoussa and the endless blue of the Aegean sea.
  • Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani
    Category: Things to see
    Located in Parikia, the capital town, the Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the protector of the island. The name of the church means the monastery with the hundred doors.
  • Party at Pounda Beach bar
    Category: Clubs
    Pounda Beach is the destination for young people looking to party in Paros. It organizes events with some of the top DJs of Europe.
  • Marcello Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Marchello is located just in front of the village of Parikia. It can be accessed by the road and with a little boat making the routes many times per day.
  • Archaeological Museum
    Category: Things to see
    The museum hosts findings that were brought to light during excavations in Paros and Antiparos. These findings date from the Neolithic to the early Christian times and include the Nike (Victory) of Paros, the marble statue of Mermaid Gorgo, Cycladic figurines, mosaics and, more.
  • Visit Naoussa Venetian Castle
    Category: Things to see
    The Venetian Fort of Naoussa, dated from the 15th century, is located in the old port and it is the most characteristic spot of this lovely town.
  • Relax on Santa Maria Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Santa Maria is a long coastline divided into two soft, golden sandy beaches which offer a beautiful view on the island of Naxos and has crystal emerald waters.
  • Frankish castle
    Category: Things to see
    The splendid Frankish Castle is one of the most enduring monuments on the island of Paros. It was built in the 1200s by the Venetian Sanoudos.
  • The Park & Monastiri beach
    Category: Beaches
    Monastiri Beach is also located in the bay of Naoussa. It is a small sandy beach surrounded by beautiful rocky hills.
  • The authentic Marpissa village
    Category: Villages
    Marpissa is an authentic Cycladic village with whitewashed cubic houses, standing among narrow streets, churches and windmills. It is located just above Piso Livadi.
  • Swim at Molos beach
    Category: Beaches
    This small sandy beach offers deep blue clear waters, golden soft sand, and a magnificent view on the island of Naxos.


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