Yanmar Compact Backhoe

Yanmar compact backhoe is construction equipment that is usually used in the excavation sites. This is one of Yanmar products that are designed to be heavy duty durable machine so that you will get the best performance from them. Yanmar compact backhoe will give you service for long time after you buy the machine.

As other products from Yanmar, the Yanmar compact backhoe is designed to be environmentally conscious and environmental sustainability. You will find that each machine is manufactured to give maximum amount of productive work out of every drop of fuel used. This means that you will find that the backhoe that you buy is worth with the money that you spend.

The Yanmar compact backhoe is usually used in the industrial excavation sites, agriculture and other. This will be the best companion for tractor and excavators that you might have before. There is nothing wrong to have this machine if you are working with construction and agriculture a lot.

As other compact backhoes, the Yanmar compact backhoe can dick 8 to 10 feet deep. To do this, this compact backhoe loader is completed with some great features that will make the proper work in the backhoe. There are also some attachments so that you will be able to complete your job properly.

When you are about to buy Yanmar compact backhoe, you will find that there is one great option that you should look at. The option would be CBL40 compact backhoe. You will find that there are some specifications that you should know about this backhoe. Need information about the specifications of this backhoe? Then, keep reading this article.

This Yanmar compact backhoe comes with 3 cylinder and turbo charged engines type. For the best performance, this is equipped with mechanically controlled load sensing HMT for its transmission type. You will find that the transmission maximum travel speed of 13.7mph/22.0km/h. With this speed, you will have the ability of finishing your jobs faster.

With 16.4 gallon or 62 liters fuel tank capacity, you will not need to refill the fuel of this Yanmar compact backhoe too often. This will save your money so that you can use the money for maintaining this heavy duty machine. Additionally, there are many other things that you can get from this compact backhoe.

With a bucket, this Yanmar compact backhoe has 5798lbs/2630kgf maximum digging force. Meanwhile, it is 3582lbs/1625kgf by using its arm. You will find that this new compact backhoe has 10′/3052mm maximum digging depth or this can do 9’10/3000mm maximum digging depth/2ft flat bottom. You will find that this will be great option that you can consider.

Furthermore, you will find this Yanmar compact backhoe has 8’5/2563mm truck loading height. This also has 13’2/4022mm max reach from swing pivot. You will get the easiness in doing the digging procedures with you this equipment. Meanwhile, its boom swing arc is 180%uFFFD. There are generators pumps with 2x piston. There are many other things that you can get from this backhoe for your needs.

That was brief information about Yanmar compact backhoe that you should know. This will be very valuable for you who want to buy this machine. You will find that this is the best option that available for you. If you need more complete information about it, you can visit the authorized dealer for this equipment.

Finally, by looking at those things, you will be sure that Yanmar compact backhoe will give you the best things with the best features for completing your job. You should not have to be doubt about it. Go to the dealer for this equipment and get one of Yanmar backhoes or backhoe wheel loaders to get the best things of a backhoe.