Woods Backhoe

Woods backhoe is manufactured by Woods. Woods is a leading industry which provides reliable backhoes either for residential use or for commercial. This machine is ideal to be used for farming. Woods backhoe is designed with light construction and landscaping for uses in nurseries, golf courses, utility companies, and also cemeteries. This machine is also designed to be versatile, reliable, and powerful.

Some of Woods backhoe comes in compact size so that this machine is suitable to be used for small tractor. Here, we provide you some options of those backhoes which may fit your need.

Backhoe: Woods Model 720 (6′)

720 Woods Backhoe is another product of Woods. This machine is able to dig up to 72 inch digging depth. It is also equipped with a rap out feature which enables this machine to provide you easy bucket cleaning. You can also control the swing through the skid steer movement. The skid steer loader’s boom along with bucket circuits maintain the depth and dipper stick. The bucket curl of the backhoe is controlled by the auxiliary hydraulic circuit.

The features which are supplied to this Woods backhoe are skid steer quick-attach hitch which is able to provide you rapid equipment change over, rap out feature will make the bucket cleaning easier. This machine is also available with 8 inches tapered footing bucket or 12, 18, or 24 inches general purpose buckets.

For the specification of this Woods backhoe is that its skid steer lift is able to accommodate 1,000 lbs, the weight is 275 lbs, the maximum digging depth is 72 inches, the rotation of the bucket is 180° w/rap out, the diameter of the bucket cylinder is 2-1/2 inches.

Woods 9000 Backhoe

Another option of Woods backhoe is Woods 9000 backhoe. The strengths which this machine brings include the well performance and it can do almost for any jobs. You can use it to pull the stumps and also drainage ditches. On the other hands, the weakness of this machine is that the hoses need to be replaced so often due to dry rot, around three times in two years.

Overall, this Woods backhoe is a reliable machine which is able to satisfy your need. For working with big stumps, this machine usually needs time around 30 minutes up to one hour to get them out. This machine is able to provide you a great performance.

This Woods backhoe is available in used condition. This machine is able to fit to any standard of quick attach skid loader and tractor along with feed and return wet lines. It is able to dig up to 9 feet deep. Although it is in used machine, it is still in good condition along with great performance and great digging power. This machine has been used lightly. Meanwhile, the pins and brushing is very tight. This is available in ready to hook up and work.

Woods Compact Tractor Backhoe

This BH6000 Woods Compact Tractor Backhoe is another option of Woods backhoe you can take into your consideration. The digging depth of this machine is 161/2 inches. It comes in a compact size so that it can fit the small tractor. The size of the bucket is 12 inches. This is available in red color with new condition. Also, this machine is manufactured in 2007.

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