Tractor Backhoe

Tractor backhoe is a term refers to certain agriculture or construction equipment which works in similar way as semi-trailer truck. Originally, tractor equipment delivers the power as well as traction in mechanizing agricultural tasks especially tillage. However, nowadays this machine handles wider variety of tasks. Therefore, the presence of tractor backhoe to support any requirements in any locations where it is provided.

Tractor backhoe could be used for agricultural implements with the backhoe attachment mounted or attached on the tractor. Meanwhile the tractor machine itself provides a source of power when the implement needed is mechanized. There are many kinds of tractor backhoe attachments that are available to be attached in this equipment, such as loaders, pallet forks and many more. With the support of these attachments parts, any activities in landscape maintenance as well as agriculture needs could be significantly handled.

You can find tractor backhoe in many reliable suppliers and dealers along with other material handling equipment, such as excavator and dozer. It is also available in many different models with different specifications and technology to support different requirements. Those products are also available in different range of price along with some parts such as the extendable stabilizer pads.

What you have to notice is that most people preferred used products since buying new tractor backhoe requires them to spend huge amount of money. You can do so if you are in tight budget condition. Here are some popular heavy duty tractor backhoe units that might be your best considerations. Those products come with great performance but still meet the standard of safety. You might find the most suitable one that meets your needs well.

John Deere Tractor Loader Backhoe 401C

The first option will be John Deere 401C. This John Deere tractor backhoe combines frontend loader and also backhoe which are commonly used for earthmoving chores. You can use it to support material handling activity in your farm and also construction scenarios. It comes in smaller design than other type of loader and also backhoes units, but it has great capacity for most excavating jobs.

The backhoe bucket of this tractor backhoe is completed with digging capability of 15 feet 3 inches. Besides, this 11 feet 8 inches maximum height bucket also works great to lift any materials in up to 1,950 pounds. Powered by a four-cylinder 62 horsepower diesel engine, John Deere 401C will bring its best performance in supporting your needs.

Ford 3000 All Purpose Tractors Hydraulic Cylinders

Your next option will be Ford 3000. This tractor backhoe comes with best performance with the feature of double-acting draft control. This feature reacts to both compression as well as tension in the top link to get maximum traction with any heavy or light equipment. Besides, it is also completed with 3-way selector valve. This feature could be installed in the hydraulic system of the tractor.

Some types of standard equipment that suits this tractor backhoe are many. Those are including tachometer hour-meter, fuel gauge, swinging drawbar, fenders and many more. Besides, getting Ford tractor backhoe parts for this certain tractor model is also quite easy to do. With the great performance and features, Ford 300 could really be great option for you.

The MF 1500 Series Compact Tractor

Then, you can try to consider The MF 1500 Series Compact Tractor as your next option. This compact tractor backhoe will be great to support your needs whether you are an estate owner, landscaper, contractor, or people with other professions that might need the help of this heavy equipment.

Besides, it also offers easy operation so you can get enhanced productivity as well as ultimate convenience in using the product. This tractor backhoe uses Tier II emissions compliant as the engine. It provides an environmentally friendly machine with higher power in lower engine speeds.