Towable Backhoe

Towable backhoe is a powerful backhoe which comes with an affordable price. Compared to the entire competitive price, Towable backhoe is able to tackle more tough jobs with its power. It is an economical backhoe which is able to provide you great performance.

TB-001 & TB-002 Towable Backhoe

These are other two models from the Towable backhoe you can consider to have. Model TB-001 offers you heavy duty machine along with diesel engine. The tire which is used has met the standard of USA DOT. On the other hand, Model TB-002 comes with a compact design along with Gasoline engine. The tires used have also met the standard of USA DOT. Other certificates are from Euro II and also USA EPA.

Towable backhoe is another reliable product of backhoe so that you do not need to be hesitated for purchasing it. It is easily operated since it can easily walk on the work site along with the bucket and boom. In addition, this machine is not wheel driven so that it will not easy get stuck and it will not get into those tight spots with tearing up the grass of even creating big ruts. The maximum digging depth of this machine is 86 inches and 106 inches for maximum digging height.

The total weight of this Towable backhoe is 600 kg and you can be easily roll around the wheel barrow style on firm with fair level surface by using the integrated handles. You do not need to hook this machine up to another tow vehicle but for over the road travel. In addition, this type of backhoe provides you some benefits which are able to ensure you about the quality offered.

The first benefit you can get is that by having this Towable backhoe, you can save your money since it come with more affordable price. Also, you can save the repair and maintenance cost. The second benefit is that it is able to provide you great performance. Among all the backhoes with competitive price, this machine is provide you satisfying performance with extra reach and also extra power so that this is able to tackle the tough jobs.

The third benefit you can get from this Towable backhoe is that this machine uses a 25% larger pump and is equipped with a 140 degree swing so that it is able to give you versatility to tackle more jobs with great efficiency. Also, it is easy to operate so that you can operate it by yourself for your excavating and landscaping projects without paying another one. Furthermore, the maintenance of this Towable backhoe is easy and simple. You only need to have a few shots of grease and an occasional oil change. You can also repair it by yourself since the throughout repairing guide is included.

DR Towable Backhoe

Another type of Towable backhoe available for your option is DR. It is a powerful backhoe for you. The strengths of this backhoe include the easy to tow with a truck, ATV, or tractor. It is also able to dig holes up to 6 feet deep. Also, it comes with 6 HP Subaru overhead cam engine.

This is so powerful for trenching, stump removal, landscaping, and also heavy lifting and many more. It comes also with self-power and powerful hydraulic system. Therefore, it is able to provide you no fussing with 3 point hitch or hydraulic connections.

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