Terramite Backhoe

Terramite backhoe is another option of backhoe you can consider to have. In order to provide you a great performance, this Terramite backhoe is enabled with some features. Some are ergonomically improved for more convenient operation. Some are designed to be compact so that it can easily access the areas which are inaccessible by big machines.

1999 Terramite T5c

This Terramite backhoe is manufactured by an electric company from new or professional operation. This machine is enabled with 20hp Kohler magnum gas engine. Moreover, this machine is designed to be tight and dry. The most important thing is that it is able to operate properly. In addition, it equipped with wide extra turf tires along with fast change 16 inch bucket. This type of Terramite backhoe is equipped with hydraulic circuit which is able to run a thumb, tamper, and also a logsplitter.

Terramite T5C loader backhoe 1999 w/ 1768hrs

Another option of Terramite backhoe you can consider to have is Terramite T5C loader backhoe. The condition of this backhoe used yet it is in good condition. This machine is located in Elk Horn, Kentucky. It is also enabled with 20 horse power, 1,768 hours, and 2WD drive.

T5C Terramite Backhoe

This is another option of Terramite backhoe available for your option. It comes with a compact size and easy to transport. This T5C Terramite is rugged and powerful so that it is able to tackle many big machine jobs such as septic tank installation, sewer, water, and gas lines, loading, spreading, and many others.

The rear tires are designed to be so aggressive so that the Terramite can tackle the hardest terrain. Moreover, it will not damage the landscaping. This machine is ideal to be used for home or either for contractor. In addition, it is easy to operate.

The specification of this Terramite backhoe is able to dig up to 8’6” deep. The loader dump height is 81 inch. Some other specifications are 11’ backhoe reach, 3,100 lbs bucket curl, 750 lbs backhoe lift, 1,700 lbs loader lift, 16 inch of backhoe bucket  wide, 48 inch wide, 82 inch weight, 3,100 lbs weight, ΒΌ loader capacity, and 7 gallons fuel capacity. This is powered by gasoline.

Used Terramite Backhoe – Compact Tractor Loader Backhoe

Instead of new Terramite backhoe, you can also consider the used one. Used Terramite is available in some options including model T7 and T9. T7 is a standard model from Kubota. It comes with 26 HP. The features which offered by those two machines are a sloped hood which is beneficial for improving the loader visibility. The compartment of the operator has been improved ergonomically by relocating the brake lever and also redesigning the fenders in order to provide more room for foot.

This Terramite backhoe is also equipped with a heavy duty grill so that it can add the protection to the muffler and the engine compartment. Meanwhile, the additional work lights are set at the top of the front section of the ROPS cage which enables the lights to provide you better illumination when you use it at night. It is designed to be compact so that it is able to easily fit to many areas which is inaccessible by big machines.