Terex 760B Backhoe

While considering the use of tractor loader backhoes, Terex 760B backhoe will be a good option for you because this unit is really important to make your job done very well. This Terex 760B backhoe can be said as used heavy equipment because it is also available in used condition of used rigid backhoe. The option of this construction equipment is depended on your needs and preferences in forestry field so it is careful to make your option for your business.

This Terex 760B backhoe can be considered as the most versatile machine and the best part of machine which is able to accommodate some functions such as digging, loading, carrying and many more. This unit is equipped with a highly efficient turbo charged engine which is able to deliver 90 HP. This new equipment is also powered by hydraulics and a transmission system which is built to provide a high-octane output. It will make you sure that this unit is able to provide unmatched performance with unbeatable fuel efficiency in services.

This Terex 760B backhoe is designed to empower the operator to choose between two modes of operations which are Power and Economy. The option of the mode is determined by your job requirements. Its use provides the power and control of comparable machine and it can power a range of attachments, including a 7-in-1 Clam Shovel, Ripper Tooth, Rock Breaker and a range of Trench Buckets to name a few.

Terex 760B backhoe is proven in giving the best performance, strength and fine control because the technology given. It is a good machine that is able to be operator-friendly and highly productive. And with its ability to match power-packed performance with optimum fuel efficiency, this tractor loader reinforces the belief that it is truly a Next Generation machine of Terex rigid backhoe.

You need to know that this Terex 760B backhoe is very ideal for contractors with applications requiring the versatility of a wheel loader and the functionality of an excavator, giving operators the best of both worlds in one powerful package. The dual functionality provided can make this Terex 760B backhoe capable to improve jobsite productivity and cut operating costs.

This Terex 760B backhoe is specifically designed to work in adverse conditions and produce a smooth, reliable and cost-effective performance. This model has stabilizer legs feature that can lock-out valves in the circuit so they remain down during operation, giving better stability when operators are working 90 degrees of the side of the machine.

While the front loader-end of the Terex 760B backhoe gives proven mechanical controls, the backhoe end features advanced piloted controls. Piloted controls are able to create this machine operate like an excavator. Its closed center, sharing control valve will provide operators a smooth, multi-function performance while ensuring fine control for accurate trenching and grading applications.

This Terex 760B backhoe features the ergonomically joystick with adjustable armrests that can improve the comfort and visibility given for the operator. Another visibility-enhancing feature is a joystick override switch that will allow the operator to stand while operating the backhoe. In fact, this condition will give the operator a clear view inside the trench with the use of this new Terex 760B backhoe.

This Terex 760B backhoe is designed to incorporate a high horse power engine and a bigger hydraulic pump along with a state-of-the-art transmission system. It will make you sure about the increased horse power and performance coupled with a reduction in noise levels and smoke emissions. This Terex 760B backhoe is also completed with a strong loader with excellent forklift capacity and bucket breakout force that increases productivity.

This Terex 760B backhoe has a Perkins 1104D-44T turbocharged, Tier-III engine producing 87 net horsepower (HP).  It also has a closed center hydraulic system with tandem gear pumps delivering fluid at a rate of 37.5 gallons (142 L) per minute at a system pressure of 3,250 lbs per square inch.