Small Backhoe

You need small backhoes if you need equipment to work on your yards or small work places. Small backhoes are common in urban engineering and small instruction projects. The machines are very efficient and they save a lot of time.

Small backhoes are efficient vehicle for taking building materials from one place to another. The size of the machine gives you many benefits. The machines themselves are small and compact, so it will be easier for you to chain down and move from one job site to another.

The size also allows you to load it in trucks and transfer them to areas where a small backhoe is needed. Although it is small, it is capable of doing tasks in the working site. It is also equipped with various features which make it more useful.

For so long, small backhoes have been popular favorite among urban farmers and contractors for a variety of reasons. They can be run by a single person. Since it can be operated single-handedly, you will be able to get your workers to do other parts of the project and much more resources and time are maximized. It means that small backhoes are time-efficiency!

Nowadays, all small backhoes are well-constructed and user-friendly. They will last for years of use, while you will not find difficulties in operating the machines. Even the first timers can operate them, although they need more practices to get more familiar.

Want to find one? Luckily, a wide selection of small backhoes is available on markets. If you cannot find them in your town, internet will be a solution. Many online stores provide many options you can choose based on your needs and budgets. You can consider the used backhoes if you prepare limited budgets, but still want to get the benefits.

NorTrac EPA-IV Small Tractor and Backhoe

Nortrac EPA-IV small backhoe is a multipurpose backhoe which has double-acting cylinders for greater swing force and smoother operator control. It provides maximum digging depth which is up to 8 feet, and maximum reach about 9 feet and 6 inch. Powered by 30 horse power, this machine will work the best.

The lift capacity of this small backhoe is 1500 lbs. It features 16 inch bucket with 1.33 cu. feet capacity, and PTO pump kit and reservoir. It needs hydraulic control valve requirements, including two spool selective control valve required for loader and hydraulic controlled bucket cylinders. This machine is the answer for your search of urban farming and construction jobs.

Kubota BX23 Tractor and Backhoe

Kubota BX23 small backhoe tractor is completed with a Kubota E-TVCS 22 horsepower, three-cylinder, liquid cooled diesel engine that ensure durability and reliability. It features a high back lumbar seat for operator comfort and wrap-around front-end design that gives a sleek, modern look and illuminates the operator’s view by encasing the headlights. Its front grille guard helps protect the tractor and has a clean and distinctive look.

This small backhoe has a front loader features a 48 inch bucket and offers an operational lift capacity of 460 lbs, which has the ability to tackle such tough jobs as lifting small trees. The bucket rotation is a full 180 degrees. The backhoe itself is easy to attach and detach with its four-point rigid mounting system and requires no tool.

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