New Holland Backhoe

New Holland backhoe is equipment you can really on if you are working a construction. The best quality of New Holland backhoe makes it trustworthy and used all over the world. For years, it has been reliable equipment for any home and business projects.

New Holland backhoe is primarily designed to lift loads or to dig dirt. It is great for digging ditches and is equipped with legs that are used to stabilize the machine. New Holland backhoe is engineered with narrow boom and dipper to have optimal view from the operator cabin at varying dig depths. The dippers are extended for maximum digging capacity.

All New Holland backhoes are designed to have a very tough finishing using epoxy power based paint to combat the usual wear and tear. A very comfortable and spacious cabin for the operator is also standard with all its heavy equipment. The cab features improved control levers that allow effortless maneuvering of the backhoe loader.

If you are interested in purchasing New Holland backhoe to ease your home and business projects, you can consider online stores to get it. Many online catalogs offer you this, so no need to worry of finding one. The catalogs give detailed information about the prices, weight, features, and the how to deliver your order. What you need to do is just look for ones based on your needs and budgets, order, and the equipment is in your hand.

However, for some people, New Holland backhoes are unaffordable. The price offered may be too high, especially if your business is small and you will not use this so often. As a solution for this, you can purchase used New Holland backhoes, as they are more affordable. Luckily, the used ones are offered in very good condition. The best quality equipment with the best price, who can ignore this?

For a consideration, you can choose the B series New Holland backhoes. According to the list compiled by US-based industry magazine, B series are among the Top 100 most innovative construction products of 2009. Ranging from 97 hp to 110 hp, they were chosen for design enhancements, including a curved boom and flip up hood.

The B series New Holland backhoes feature FTP engine which results in increased fuel economy and lower emissions. The curved boom lowers the machine’s transport height by 15 cm and allows for greater digging force and dig depth. The narrow boom gives greater visibility for operators.

This equipment offers service and maintenance eases as it has one-touch flip-up hood that provides easy access. All the daily maintenance check points of these B series New Holland backhoes are accessible from ground level.

Another reference of New Holland backhoes is LB series. For example, let’s take LB115.B type. This type has a maximum lift capacity of 3500 kg at the maximum height. It is powered by the CNH F4GE0484GD engine with 110 horsepower, with the standard dig depth about 4590 mm and increased with HED at 5770mm.

The two examples above are the ones worth considering. No matter what you finally choose, the New Holland backhoes are the answers for your project needs.