Kubota Backhoe Loader

Kubota backhoe loader is a good option for those of you looking for construction equipment to do some tasks in demolitions or excavating, or landscaping. Some of you need a backhoe coming with best quality to support commercial need or business in construction or providing building materials. For this need, we recommend that you consider Kubota backhoe loaders for their features and performance.

Kubota backhoe loader is designed to ease workers in excavating and digging to help construction tasks. Kubota is a popular name among other manufacturers of backhoe loader. A majority of Contractor Company uses the Kubota’s products to help their tasks.

Within this article, we would like to give you information on some Kubota backhoe loaders which are different in series. Each model or series comes with different features and performance. Check the following, then, decide the one which suits you best.

R520S (R series Wheel Loader)

For those of you looking for information on Kubota backhoe loader, you can take a look at the R series wheel loader, especially the R520S. This backhoes loader is manufactured to make excavating transportation of building materials much easier. This machine comes with the latest technology to give the best performance.

This Kubota backhoe loader incorporates powerful and dependable diesel engine which is designed to deliver great horsepower. Despite the strong engine, Kubota R520S gives you low noise and vibration levels. Then, if you are looking for energy efficiency, this one will fulfill your need for its fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, it features superior Load Sensing Transmission (LST), limited slip differential, and superior lifting capacity, just to name a few. Then, the automatic parking brake ensures safety aspect in which this feature will automatically engage the parking brake anytime this Kubota backhoe loader engine is turned off.

KX41-3V (KX Series Conventional Tail Swing Excavator)

You might also be interested in another series of Kubota backhoe loader, the KX31-3V Series. Talking about the fuel capacity and efficiency, this KX41-3V series is just like the previous excavator, performing smart engine with energy efficiency, low noise and vibration. To give stability, the KX41-3V features Variable-width undercarriage.

This series is such an excellent backhoe loader that it is mostly recommended to help material handling of construction tasks. Talking about the safety system, the Kubota backhoe loader incorporates protected bucket cylinder hoses & auxiliary hydraulic hoses.

Construction is a heavy job that it sometimes makes the workers exhausted. Thus, you need construction equipment which incorporates high quality and comfortable design. For those of you requiring a backhoe loader with extra space for the operator or user, the KX41-3V Kubota backhoe loader is just the right choice to cover this need. The legroom available in this machine will provide you comfortable use as you can reduce fatigue while working with it.

U17 (U series Zero & Tight Tail Swing Excavator)

Strong engine with low noise and vibration becomes the specialty of Kubota backhoe loader, including this series. This zero tail swing excavator ensures excellent stability and balance. The U17 backhoe loader is also designed for faster and easy operation, that it is the right solution to help construction in urban areas.

To keep it long-lasting with excellent service, proper maintenance is essential. Thus, the U 17 Kubota backhoe loader features digital panel to display timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. In case there are some problems with it, you can fix it immediately before the problems getting worse. You can check whether the loader spare parts are needed for replacement.

An excavator does not need to be new. You can consider backhoe rentals or the used ones to minimize the operational cost for the construction program. In case you need a used Kubota backhoe loader for your project, you can take used Kubota L48 into consideration. At last, we hope this article is useful for you.