Kubota Backhoe Bucket

Kubota backhoe bucket is an important element for Kubota utility vehicles tractors. The excavator buckets should be made with strong construction to dig hard land and lift it, and so it the Kubota backhoe bucket. It is constructed with excellent features, design and performance with robust teeth to make excavating and any other construction projects much easier.

For those of you requiring Kubota backhoe bucket for replacement, you can find it easily in the market. There are a lot of providers or stores which supply the construction equipment. They usually provide the equipment from various names. Take for an example the Hy-Gear Industries, Inc. which supplies Kubota backhoe bucket in different models and sizes.

You can consider this company to find Kubota backhoe bucket for replacement. You can contact this provider for any equipment you need, for instance bucket of lawn garden tractors. We suggest this company to you for its quality and durability. Furthermore, this company offers competitive price for its products. That is why it deserves consideration when you are looking for Kubota backhoe bucket.

The Hy-Gear Industries Inc. provides medium duty replacement buckets for Kubota L35, BH90, B21, BH75, B4672, BL4960, or B20 backhoe attachment. It is essential to call them or any other providers of excavator buckets for the compatibility. For those of you requiring Kubota backhoe bucket for your tractor, you should know the type so that you can a compatible digging bucket for replacement. It is because one backhoe attachment is different from the others. Thus, you need to think about the compatibility.

Now think about the loader you have and find the Kubota backhoe bucket which is compatible with it. If you have Kubota B21, B20, BH76, BH75, BH65, B4672, BL4690, you will need a loader bucket which has width at 10 inches. Besides, the bucket you will need for these types of backhoe loader has struck capacity at 0.67 cu-ft and heaped capacity at 0.88 cu-ft. The bare weight of this bucket is approximately 65 lbs.

Or, for those models of Kubota backhoe leader, you can also consider the BKB1012 Kubota backhoe bucket which has 12 inches of width. This bucket is compatible with Kubota B21, B20, BH76, BH75, BH65, B4672, and BL4690. Its struck capacity is 0.83 cu-ft. Furthermore, the heaped capacity is 1.10 cu-ft with bare weight: 58 lbs.

Then you can consider the BKB3010 10-inch Kubota backhoe bucket which is compatible with Kubota L35 and BH90 excavator machine. This bucket replacement has heaped capacity at 0.88 cu-ft and 80 lbs of bare weight. Once more, it is important to know exactly the type of your backhoe attachment just before you order the bucket for replacement.

For these two models of Kubota backhoe loader, the Hy-Gear Industries Inc. also offers the 76MNHD12 bucket which has 12 inches of width with struck capacity 1.05 cu-ft. Then, this Kubota backhoe bucket features heaped capacity 1.4 cu-ft with bare weight 135 lbs.

For those of you having Kubota B26, the Hy-Gear Industries Inc. also provides Kubota backhoe bucket replacement for this type. It measures 10 inches of width with 0.88 cu-ft capacity. The bucket teeth are three, enables you to dig deeper. It features powder coat paint and wear bars for attractive design and durability.

For the Kubota B26, you can also take the Kubota backhoe bucket replacement with 30 inches of width, featuring 2.60 cu-ft struck capacity, wear bars, and powder coat paint. Another option, you can take the 12-inch bucket with 1.10 cu-ft capacity, 3 bucket teeth, powder coat paint, and wear bars.

Whichever the Kubota backhoe bucket you choose, pay attention to the manual instruction on the installation so that you can get the best performance from the backhoe loader along with the bucket. It is also for safety reason. Then, in case you are thinking about buying a used backhoe, check all parts to find whether they are all in good condition.

Besides Kubota and Kubota backhoe bucket, you can also consider John Deere backhoe which is also reliable to help your construction projects. Whichever you prefer, ensure that you get the best one to support your industrial business.