International Industrial Backhoe

International industrial backhoe will be the right choice for those of you looking for antique tractors to help your business, either for agricultural use or construction projects. As we use the term of ‘antique’, it means that you can not find the new version for International Harvester’s products in the market. In case you are interested in the International industrial backhoe, we also suggest that you perform some test drive, check the features, all parts and service, and ask the seller about the maintenance records.

It is important for you to explore the information on the candidates of the products you are going to buy. Or, for those who have no idea about backhoe, you can find some reviews to gain inspiration on what you are going to purchase. Hence, we would like to give you information on some International industrial backhoes. You can check the specifications, then, decide the one which suits you best.

International Harvester Tractor 255

If you need a used or antique tractor to help your construction or agriculture projects, you can consider the International industrial backhoe 255. This tractor was manufactured in 1986 and came with two models, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. It utilizes a diesel engine offers power up to 24 hp (horsepower). Besides, the diesel backhoe loader 255 works on three cylinders in which those cylinders are equipped with 2.99-inch bore and 3.07-inch stroke.

Furthermore, the International industrial backhoe 255 also features liquid cooling system to regulate the temperature. The engine displaces 64.75 cubic inches. The countershaft and main shaft gears of the 255 International Harvester tractors keep connected. There is also ‘syncromesh’ option to adjust the timing of the constant mesh in shifting gears without grinding.

The two-wheel drive type weighs 1,940 lbs with 47 inches of width, while the four-wheel drive is at 2,095 lbs with 46.8-inch width. The ROPS is built as safety system. The International industrial backhoe 255 is applicable for all manner of backhoe attachments. Tillers, plows and cultivators will enhance the performance of this diesel backhoe in farming field. It is also applicable for landscaping with the use of power rakes, finishing mowers and pulverizing equipment.

International Harvester 2424 Backhoe Loader

For those of you looking for heavy equipment or truck equipment for construction projects, you can consider the International industrial backhoe 2424. It was manufactured in 1964. For heavy tasks of construction project, this tractor becomes an alternative to any other used industrial backhoe loaders. The 4-cylinder engine uses gasoline and equipped with liquid cooling system. The engine offers 47 horsepower.

The International industrial backhoe 2424 features eight forward speeds and two reverse speeds. It is a 2-wheel drive machine which features lock, adjustable front axle, electric starter and hydrostatic power steering. Furthermore, this excavator machine incorporates belt pulleys, draw-bar, grill guard and lights so that you can work in the darkness. The 2424 is applicable for agricultural, construction, or landscaping projects. Choosing used products will be a good idea for those of you staying with budget constraints.

International 3616 Loader Backhoe

The International industrial backhoe 3616 was manufactured in 1970s and 1980s. The fuel consumption of this machine is 20 gallons before it is refilled. The serial number of the engine is D-236, using diesel. The engine also features water cooling system and has six- cylinders, in which each has a bore of 3.68 inches and a stroke of 3.68 inches. The engine displaces 236 cubic inches or 4 liters.

The International industrial backhoe 3616 also comes with gasoline version engine with serial number C-221. The difference between the diesel and gasoline engine lies in the bore and stroke in which this version has 3.56 by 3.68 inches or 90 by 94 mm. The dump clearance is 102.5 inches, the dump can reach up to 25 inches and the dump angle is 45 inches. It can dig the ground up to 76 inches. The bucket can lift up to 4,500 pounds with the total bucket capacity of 1 cubic yard.

Those International industrial backhoes will be useful to perform snow ice management or first tasks of landscape and hardscape projects. At last, we hope this article is useful for you in finding the best backhoe loader to support your business.