International 3444 Backhoe

Today, you can not find the new International 3444 backhoe in local stores or online shops which provide construction equipment. However, for those of you staying with budget constraints but needing backhoe tractor loader to support your business, you can consider the used one. For this need, the International 3444 backhoe might be an alternative.

For some of you who have not heard about International harvester backhoe, we would like to give you information on the International 3444 backhoe within the following paragraphs. Just before you take any decisions to buy heavy equipment tractors or backhoes for your agricultural or industrial business, it is better for you to explore sufficient information on the machines available in the market. If you have the candidates, you can check whether they are good products by reading some reviews on them.

Then, for those of you who have no idea about the products, you might get it from the reviews you have read. Hence, we want to help you find the most suitable one for your need. We have a discussion on International 3444 backhoe that you might take into consideration. In case you are not interested in this product, at least you have some knowledge to find the best one for you.

As we have mentioned earlier, you can find the new one for International Harvester backhoe since it is no longer produced. It was manufactured around 1960s and 1970s. The International 3444 backhoe is an old tractor which is probably left behind because of modern backhoe. Nevertheless, for those of you looking for antique tractors, this one will be a good idea.

Most people emphasize utility and modern technology of a product to make their life, jobs, or activities, including for agricultural and construction projects. Yet, for some people, these aspects are not applied. Those people might look for a satisfaction of having different or antique collections. For people with the later type, the International 3444 backhoe might be interesting.

The International 3444 backhoe was manufactured by a company named as International Harvester. It was an American manufacturer which provided agricultural machinery, construction equipment like backhoe attachments, vehicle, commercial truck, and household and commercial products.

As you have a little knowledge on the manufacturer, then we talk about the International 3444 backhoe itself. In case you are interested in this product, you can find it online stores which usually offers auction for old or used products. If you want to purchase directly, we are afraid that it will be hard. Otherwise, you find it somebody locally which offers you this backhoe.

Now we talk about the specifications of the International 3444 backhoe. This tractor is suitable for agricultural use, eve though it features old design. This backhoe incorporates 14.9 x24 rear tires and 1000 x 16 front tires. It also has 8 speeds with reverser. Talking about the bucket, this backhoe has 5′ 6″ wide bucket.

Furthermore, the International 3444 backhoe can perform in 4 speeds with Hi/Lo range. The fuel used by this tractor is gasoline. It is also equipped with 4 cylinders. For the power, it can perform with 43.5 horsepower or 32.4 kW. It uses diesel engine. This backhoe is offered in good condition. This means that you not only get the antique sense from this tractor, but you also get the utility and the financial benefits since it is offered in reasonable price.

For those of you requiring antique tractors for your agricultural field, the International 3444 backhoe will be the right choice for you. An alternative to this product, we also recommend the International Farmall tractors for its vintage model with the use of high wheeler. At last, we hope this article is useful for you, especially those who like antiques.