International 3414 Backhoe

The International 3414 backhoe will be a good offer for people who like to have general vintage tractors for their agricultural business. Just like it is mentioned with the term of ‘antique’, it is clear that you can not find the new one with this type. Therefore, this will also be a good option for those of you interested in used construction equipment. We would like to give you information on the International 3414 backhoe within the following paragraphs.

Just before you take any decision to buy a used backhoe you are requiring, it is suggested that you have sufficient information on the products available in the market. This will be helpful that you can avoid disappointment for buying the wrong products which are not suitable for your requirements. Hence, you can take this article which discusses the International 3414 backhoe as the starting point.

Why do we choose the International 3414 backhoe to be reviewed within this article? This will be suitable for people or individuals looking for antiques, mainly those requiring a backhoe loader to help them in the agricultural field. Plus, this product is an alternative for those of you staying with budget constraints but needing equipment to ease your work.

A backhoe does not need to be new to perform its function. You can consider the used one which will give benefit to your budget. You merely need to find those coming with good condition. If you decide to buy the International 3414 backhoe, or any other TLB (tractor/loader/backhoe) in used condition, we suggest that you check the maintenance records. Besides, you have to check all parts and features to find whether the machine is still able to give its best performance.

Just before we talk about the International 3414 backhoe in details, it is better for you to know about the manufacturer of this product. It was manufactured by an American company named as International Harvester. This company was founded in 1902 in Illinois. It provided agricultural machinery, construction equipment, vehicle and commercial truck.

Now we speak on the specifications of the International 3414 backhoe. The model 3414 backhoe comes with lots of welds on the boom and has diesel engine. One thing you should check when you buy this product is the hydraulics system. Some used and very old tractors come with such problems that you probably have to repair them before you use it. However, you can ask the owner to repair it first just before you buy the tractor.

The international industrial backhoe International 3414 backhoe was made around 1960s and 1970s. Therefore, if you expect modern technology, we suggest that you do not take this one into consideration. This will be suitable for those who like antique utility vehicles without sacrificing their functions. This means that you are still able to use it to help your tasks in the field.

The International 3414 backhoe engine uses gasoline in which the fuel capacity goes around 13.7 gallons or 51.9 liter. The hydraulic system is 5.5 gallons or 20.8 liter. The rear PTO is continuous while the rear RPMs is 540.

Now we talk about the dimensions and the tires of the International 3414 backhoe. The wheelbase measures 72.5 inches or 184 cm. It features 5,200 lbs or 2358 kg of weight. Talking about the tires, the front one is 7.50-16 and the rear tire measures 14.9-24.

As we have mentioned about the tire and dimensions within the paragraph above, now we talk about the power. The engine of the International 3414 backhoe works on 43.5 horsepower or 32.4 kW. The steering uses hydrostatic power. In case you are interested in this backhoe you can take some oil fuel lubricants with you to maintenance the engine.

For those of you interested in antique tractors with very reasonable price to help your construction or agricultural projects, the International 3414 backhoe is a good choice for you. Besides this model, you can also consider the Farmall International Harvester. However, if you need modern technology, you can consider the Challenger MT975 as the world largest tractor. At last, we hope this article is helpful for you to improve your business.