Villages in Greece & the islands

All villages in Greece and the Greek islands have something special to offer.
Depending on the landscape and the historical course of each place, visitors encounter different styles of architecture in Greece. The most distinctive, of course, is the Cycladic architecture.
Our guide features a list of the 10 best villages in Greece. You can also discover villages in many locations and regions in Greece and the Greek islands.
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List of the 10 best villages

Although Greece is mostly famous for its wonderful beaches, it is also home to numerous villages that amaze visitors with their unique locations and architecture.
Whether on the islands or the mainland, the villages differ one from the other and each has a special, distinctive style.
We present a list of the best villages in Greece.
Note: We have also added a quarter of Athens, Plaka, as it looks exactly like a village!

Oia in Santorini

1. Oia village

Oia is located on the northern side of Santorini and is the most beautiful village on the island. World-famous for its romantic sunset, picturesque architecture, blue-domed churches and fabulous view of the Aegean Sea, Oia is the favorite spot for artists and couples. Many weddings take place there every year. Although it is the most popular spot in Santorini, Oia has kept its romantic and authentic style intact.

Rhodes Town

2. Rhodes Town

With an evident Medieval style, Rhodes Town is among the best-preserved Venetian towns in Europe. Located on the northern side of Rhodes, it is lively day and night. The old part of the town is certainly the most beautiful quarter thanks to the tall Venetian buildings, old churches, the Palace of Grand Master, the Street of the Knights and the picturesque port of Mandraki. At night, Rhodes Town gets busy as it also constitutes one of the top spots on the island in terms of nightlife.

Chora of Mykonos (Little Venice)

3. Chora of Mykonos

Mykonos Town, also known as Chora, is the capital and center of activities on the island of Mykonos. The village stands out for its bright colors, sugar-white houses, paved streets, picturesque harbor of Little Venice and bars that stay open all night long. During your walk in Mykonos Town, you will certainly meet the famous Peter the Pelican, who will also be wandering around. Buses and boats from Mykonos Town reach various beaches on the island.

Corfu Town

4. Corfu Town

One of the most beautiful towns in Greece, Corfu Town stands out for its evident Venetian style and romantic atmosphere. The architecture of Corfu has been greatly influenced by the architecture of Italian towns, like Venice and Florence. The Old Town of Corfu is the most impressive testimony of that; it has two fortresses that protected Corfu island from pirates or enemies in Medieval times, many churches, paved paths and two or three-story Venetian buildings. Very impressive is Liston Avenue and the large Spianada Square.

Plaka in Athens

5. Plaka neighborhood

Plaka is the historical center of Athens. It is not a real village but is reminiscent of one. Although located within a short walking distance from the city center and right under the tourist spot of the Acropolis, Plaka emits a nice, relaxing ambiance away from noisy crowds. Crossed by paved paths and with lovely Neoclassical buildings, it is a beautiful quarter to stroll around the shops, enjoy a coffee or have dinner in one of the many traditional taverns of the region. Geographically wise, Plaka is bordered by the Roman Agora in Monastiraki, the Arch of Hadrian and the Acropolis Museum.

Fiscardo in Kefalonia

6. Fiscardo village

Located on the northern side of Kefalonia, Fiscardo stretches around a lovely port. Surrounded by lush greenery, it is a popular mooring port for private yachts in the Ionian Sea. The port promenade of Fiscardo is lined up with many fish taverns, cafeterias, and lounge bars, making it a highly-visited place all day and night. At a close distance from the village, coves for swimming and diving are situated. The port of Fiscardo is connected to the islands of Lefkada and Ithaca during the summer months.

Apiranthos in Naxos

7. Apiranthos village

Standing in the center of Naxos island, the name of this village means infinite flowers. Apiranthos is surrounded by verdant mountains and stands out for its traditional architecture. With four museums and a beautiful central square, this is a wonderful place to stroll around and meet the authentic people of Naxos. As a remnant from the Medieval era, you will also encounter many Venetian towers in Apiranthos.

Olympos in Karpathos

8. Olympos village

Located on the northern side of Karpathos, Olympos is a truly unique village. Surrounded by wild mountains, it seems like the village is lost in the clouds. Due to the isolated location and away from tourist crowds, the locals have managed to keep their original character: women wear their traditional costumes every day and each house has an outdoor wooden oven and a small chapel in the yard.


9. Monemvasia Castle

The Medieval Castle of Monemvasia is among the few castles in Greece that are still inhabited. With an evident Medieval style, the Castle (Kastro) of Monemvasia is divided into two quarters: Ano Poli (Upper Town) Town and Kato Poli (Lower Town). Kato Poli has shops, restaurants and old residences now turned into boutique hotels, while Ano Poli is not occupied. From the top of the Castle, visitors have a breathtaking view of the sea.

Makrinitsa in Pelion

10. Makrinitsa village

The mountainous region of Pelion is home to several wonderful villages with traditional stone houses and paved paths, surrounded by lush greenery. Makrinitsa stands out for the lovely central square with a gorgeous view of the town of Volos and the Pagasetic Gulf. Visitors love walking around the paved streets and checking out the traditional products at the entrance path of Makrinitsa. The surrounding, verdant nature is gorgeous and many hiking trails start from or cross this wonderful village.



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Information about the villages

Villages in the Cyclades are usually constructed around a port or along the slopes of a hill with a breathtaking sea view.
Houses are small and surrounded by flowered yards - not large blocks of flats.
The window shutters and doors are usually painted in blue or other vibrant colors.
Churches have white walls and blue domes, while the streets in the villages' centers are narrow and paved.
The capital of the Cycladic Islands is usually called Chora.
The most famous village in Greece is Oia, located on the Cycladic island of Santorini.

Due to the long occupation by Venetians in Medieval times, many Greek villages have evident Venetian architecture. The Old Town of Rhodes and Corfu are characteristic examples of this architecture with two or three-story residences, no balconies, and paved streets.
Such old towns are found in other places, like Chania & Rethymno in Crete, Monemvasia, Nafplion in the Peloponnese, or the Chora of Naxos.
This is also why so many Venetian Castles are found all around the mainland country and the Greek islands.

The traditional style of mountainous villages has small stone houses, lovely yards, and paved squares. Due to their remote location, mountainous villages have few inhabitants and a truly authentic style.
Pelion, Zagorochoria, and Peloponnese are regions with picturesque villages in the mountains.
Most of them make their living from agriculture and cattle breeding, while seaside villages mainly rely on tourism.

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