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Famous for its ancient civilization and magical natural landscape, Greece, this small Mediterranean country, has countless hidden gems to offer!

Boasting a well-established tourist industry, Greece (Ελλάδα in Greek, Ellada) is widely known for its friendly atmosphere and the genuine hospitality of its people, making numerous visitors fall in love with it and return every year for one more vacation.
No matter how many times you visit, new layers of its rich culture and beauty will be unfolding every time.
Greece, after all, has rightfully earned its place in the list of the world's top 20 tourist holiday destinations.

A trip to Greece and more specifically, its islands, is on the bucket list of millions of travelers from all around the world.
Over the decades, jet-setters such as politicians, musicians, actors, artists, influencers, and other celebrities have visited Greece and continue to do so, contributing to its popularity.

Below, you will find useful information on almost every aspect of authentic Greek life, including its scenery, history, culture, destinations, politics, economy, and more!

Get ready to discover Greece with us!



This section offers information regarding various historical periods in the Greek mainland and the islands, from the Bronze Age until Modernity.
Dating back to the prehistoric years, Greek culture has significantly contributed to the civilization of Europe.
With a quick reading, you will be able to get a better understanding of Greek history, while you will also have the opportunity to see photos of major archaeological sites and find more information about historic locations, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.
In addition, a smaller section is dedicated to important Greek people from the ancient or modern world, as well as their most famous quotes & sayings.



The entire country of Greece is a peninsula and for the most part it is mountainous.
It is located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea and it borders with other Balkan countries to the north, as well as Turkey to the east.
With a total area of 130.800 km2 and a land area of 130,647 km2, the country is surrounded by the sea on three sides.
Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and the 5th longest coastline in the world, while it also has the 10th place in the list of countries with the most islands.
The population of Greece is approximately 11 million, while Athens, the country's capital city, is its most densely populated area, with around 4 million residents. The largest cities after Athens are Thessaloniki and Patras.
For a better understanding of the country's geography, as well as its regions units, don't forget to check out our maps.
Mountains, valleys, gorges, peninsulas, coves and even volcanoes are all part of the impressive natural landscape of Greece!



From superstitions to peculiar traditions and celebration customs, the culture of Greece promises some quite interesting discoveries!
Greeks are generally proud of their cultural heritage, which shapes their identity and creates a sense of belonging. The unique culture of Greece is seen in various aspects of modern everyday life, from religious practices, to language, folk music and gastronomy. In order to get a better understanding of life in Greece, it is a great idea to get some additional information on Greek culture, which dates to the past but continues to shape the image of modern Greece.



Over the years, we have managed to create a huge collection of photos (+200.000) from various destinations in every corner of the Greek mainland and the islands. Scrolling down our album, you will discover photos taken by our team of professional photographers, as well as contributions by members of our Online community.
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Best beaches

Popular Beaches

Without doubt, in Greece you will find some of the most beautiful and most visited beaches of the world! Depending on the location, there are many kinds of seashores, sandy or pebbled, organized or secluded, which are ideal for all tastes.
The most impressive beaches in Greece are location on its islands, and more specifically the Ionian islands (Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada) or the Cyclades (Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos and Red Beach in Santorini).
In addition to the islands, the coastline of the main is full of wonderful options, and so is the region near Athens. Every year, numerous Greek beaches earn Blue Flags and other awards and make it to the top of lists with the world's cleanest and most beautiful seashores.

Best villages

Popular Villages

Even though Greece is mostly known for its beautiful beaches, the traditional villages on the mainland or the islands will surely steal your heart. No matter which part of Greece you choose to visit, there will be authentic villages with a picturesque atmosphere to discover.
Depending on the location, architectural styles vary in every place. For instance, the Cycladic islands are famous for their whitewashed cubic houses, while the Dodecanese islands have a medieval style and the Ionian islands a Venetian one. Many seaside villages are characterized by the neoclassical type of architecture, while mountainous ones are full of stone-built houses with tiled roofs and blend into the earthy background.
Check out the top 10 villages in Greece and don't miss the chance to visit at least one of them during your vacation!

Political System


The official name of Greece is Hellas or Hellenic Republic. As far as its political regime is concerned, the country is a Parliamentary Republic, with the President of the Hellenic Republic being the Head of the State and a 300-person legislature.
Elections in Greece usually take place once every 4 years.
Check out the relevant section for more information on the politics of Greece!



Greece joined the eurozone in 2001, although it has been part of the European Union since 1981. Before that, the official currency of Greece used to be the drachma.
One of the most important events that altered the economy of Greece was the financial crisis of 2008 that lasted approximately a decade.
The tourism industry has a significant role in the economy of Greece and it is one of the top sectors that have helped the country deal with the financial crisis.
Service and industry sectors represent 85% and 12% of the country's total output respectively, while merchant shipping contributes greatly to the economy as well. 12% of the workforce is currently employed in agriculture.


Ancient Myths

The mythology of Ancient Greece has been one of the most significant parts of the ancient civilization. The fables and tales usually involved gods, goddesses and other metaphysical entities, in an attempt to explain the world and the natural phenomena, to teach moral lessons or to provide entertainment.
In this section, you will find the most popular ancient myths, as well as a few that are not so widely known, to get a better understanding of the old religion and the ancient folklore. You will probably notice that many of them have been revived through more recent works of art, cinematography, literature or even appear in pop culture.



Although most Greeks turn to the Internet to get information and read the news, traditional press still holds an important place in Greek society. In fact, Greece produces the largest number of newspapers compared to any other country in Europe. There are 18 daily newspapers in Athens, representing different voices.
Although most press is in Greek, press in other languages and foreign newspapers can easily be found at kiosks in large cities and popular islands. Online versions of the most popular Greek newspapers may also be available in English.



The natural landscape of Greece is surprisingly diverse, especially if you consider the country's relatively small size. The largest part of the country is mountainous, although there are several forests and valleys as well, especially in the central and the northern parts of the country. Each part of the country houses different kinds of wildlife, including plants, animals, birds and sea creatures. The seaside locations are much different from the mountainous side of the country and on the mainland of Greece you will also discover lakes, rivers and caves.
Vacation in Greece is ideal for all nature lovers, and plenty of opportunities for hiking, extreme sports and bird watching are also offered.
This section will allow you to discover more details about the different aspects of nature in Greece: Canyons, Caves, Farms, Fauna, Flora, Forests, Lakes, Mountains, Rivers and Volcanoes are some of the categories you can browse through.


Plug types C and F are used in Greece, with a 230V supply voltage and a frequency of 50Hz. Round 2 pin plugs are used.
North American visitors will need a converter and British visitors an adaptor. Some hotels may be able to provide these adaptors, otherwise you can buy them at the airport or electrical supply stores.


Greece has only one time zone and uses the Eastern European Time (EET) UTC+02:00.
Similarly to most European countries, daylight saving time is enabled from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October, moving the clocks forward by 1 hour (GMT+3). When the daylight saving time period is over, clocks move again backwards by 1 hour to EET (GMT+2).

Working hour

Banks and Public Services operate from 08:00 to 14:00, Monday to Friday. The shops are usually open Monday-Wednesday- Saturday from 09:00 to 15.:0 and Tuesday-Thursday-Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00. On these three days of the week, shops close for the siesta at noon and open again in the afternoon.
In the touristy areas, during the high season, most shops stay open all day long, from early morning till late evening. City malls also remain open until the late evening hours.
A small number of 24-hour shops are also available in the big cities and islands.