Find out everything about your holidays in Nafplion on our travel guide! Nafplion is among the most beautiful towns in mainland Greece. Only 2 hours drive from Athens, Nafplion town has an intense Medieval atmosphere. A walk around the narrow paved streets of the Old Town is like a trip to the past. On top of a hill above Nafplion, there is the strong fortress of Palamidi with an amazing view of the sea. At the entrance of the port, there is a small islet with a fortress that was used to protect the town from naval attacks. Nafplion Greece is a popular weekend destination all year round, while its lovely beach resorts make it a great place for summer holidays, too. Tolo is the most popular summer resort close to the town, with a long sandy beach and relaxing atmosphere.

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Nafplion is among the most romantic towns in Greece, geographically located on the eastern side of Peloponnese. With intense Medieval style and only 2 hours drive from Athens, this is a popular weekend destination. The Old Town is a marvel to walk around with elegant mansions and large squares, while on the hill above the Old Town is a strong fortress dating from the Venetian ages. Many lovely beaches are found in the region to enjoy the summer holidays in Nafplion. The most popular tourist place in the close distance is Tolo.

Nafplion is a beautiful town in eastern Peloponnese in mainland Greece, only 2 hours drive and close to important archaeological sites, such as Mycenae and Epidaurus. It was among the first towns to set free during the Greek War of Independence. This was also the first capital of Independent Greece. That is why many historical sights can be seen in the town, including Palamidi Fortress and Bourtzi Castle.

Apart from interesting sights, many nice beaches are found in the region to enjoy long days at the beach during your holidays in Nafplion. These beaches have nice seaside studios and delicious restaurants. Tolo is the most popular tourist resort in Nafplion Greece, while other beautiful places are Nea Kios and Kandia.

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  • Old Town
    The Old Town of Nafplion is an amazing place for relaxing walks. It is actually a trip back in time, with Venetian mansions, narrow streets and flowered balconies.
  • Akronafplia
    Acronafplia is Nafplio's oldest castle. It rises at the top of the old town. Parts of the castle was built already in the Bronze Age.
  • Palamidi Fortress
    On top of a steep hill above Nafplion is the Venetian Fortress of Palamidi. This strong fortress offers amazing view to the old town and the Aegean Sea.
  • Beach promenade
    The beach promenade of Nafplion is an pedestrian alleys making the round of the peninsula and leading to the Arvanitia beach.
  • Archaeological Museum
    The Archaeological Museum of Nafplion is housed in a renovated Venetian mansion that dates from 1715 in Constitution Square. It displays findings from excavations in the region of Argolida.
  • Mycenae
    Mycenae is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the country. It is located near Nafplion and is famous for its cyclopean walls.
  • Boat trip to Bourtzi
    Frequent boats depart from the port of Nafplion and go to the small islet of Bourtzi at the entrance of the port. This islet has a strong castle on top and offers nice view to the town, across the sea.
  • Tolo beach
    The seaside village of Tolo is the best organized place close to Nafplion. The beach is long, sandy and ideal for families with kids. This is a frequent place to stay in the region.