At the westernmost side of Crete, Chania is a wonderful place for vacations. With a charming medieval town, some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, intriguing castles and a unique natural landscape, this region is full of amazing places to see!

Find out everything about your holidays in Chania in our guide! Discover the best things to do in Chania, fantastic beaches, top hotels and restaurants! Check out our photo gallery as well!

You can get to Chania by plane from Athens & abroad or by ferry from Athens.


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Chania (or Hania) is located on the westernmost side of Crete. Although some places have developed into tourist resorts, most beaches and villages keep their authentic style.
The northern side is more developed and lined up with luxurious tourist resorts and organized beaches. This is where the most popular beach villages are found.
On the contrary, the southern side is secluded and more traditional, with small seaside villages and unorganized beaches.
The most impressive beaches are Balos, Elafonissi and Falassarna, while there are innumerable other amazing beaches around the coastline, from organized resorts to secluded coves.

Due to the long history and rich culture, the region of Chania keeps evident its traditional architecture. A walk in the Old Town with the intense Venetian and Turkish architecture is a walk back in time. The Venetian port of Chania Town is the most characteristic spot of western Crete.

A drive around the prefecture will also bring you to many interesting sights. Explore the Medieval Castles you will find on your way, trek the many paths along with forests and gorges, visit the small local museums that depict the history and even try a chat with the locals at the traditional restaurants.
You will frequently see them sitting in the village square and enjoying a coffee under the shade of a huge tree. Apart from relaxing on a beach resort, grab the chance to experience the famous Cretan tradition and the warm hospitality!

In this guide, you shall find all the necessary information to organize your vacations there. From Chania, visitors can also make day excursions to other regions of Crete, including Rethymnon and Heraklion. Via the port of Heraklion, tourists can also head to the Cycladic islands of Mykonos and Santorini.
Holidays in Chania combine relaxation on amazing beaches, historical visits, and experience of authentic life.

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A wide variety of accommodation options are available for those seeking a place to stay in Chania. In Chania Town and especially in the Old Town area, you will find charming boutique hotels housed in historic buildings.
Other areas such as Georgioupolis provide mostly big and modern resorts that are equipped with swimming pools and located within a walking distance from the seashore.
Some of the most popular hotels are Pilot Amphora, Domus Renier, Madonna Del Mare, Monastery Estate & Anemos Luxury.


The most popular way to reach Chania is by ferry from the port of Piraeus, in Athens. Chania can also be reached by plane (International airport).
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Discover the highlights of Chania! From sightseeing to activities and from tours to restaurants, we give you the best recommendations for the ultimate holiday experience! You can also view the best things to do.

  • Picturesque town
    Chania Town is among the most picturesque towns in Crete. Due to the long occupation by the Venetians, its architecture has a vivid Medieval look. Do not miss the old port with the nice restaurants.
  • Venetian lighthouse
    The lighthouse of Chania is found in the Venetian Harbour and this is the symbol of the town. Originally built by the Venetians in the 16th century, the lighthouse was reconstructed by the Egyptians in the 19th century.
  • Balos beach
    During your holidays in Chania, do not miss a boat trip to Balos and the Castle of Gramvoussa. Located on the north western spot of Crete, Balos has gorgeous Carribean waters and paradise environment.
  • Elafonisi beach
    Among the most beautiful beaches in Chania Crete is Elafonissi, an exotic place with crystal waters and soft white sand. It is located on the western coasts of the area.
  • Sfakia village
    On the southern side of the region is the picturesque village of Sfakia. This seaside place has nice secluded beaches to swim and gives a true side of the local character.
  • Falassarna beach
    On the western side of Crete and close to Kissamos is the amazing beach of Falassarna. Large in size and with sandy shore, this beach is partly organized and ideal for families.
  • Samaria gorge
    The most popular hiking trail in Crete is through the gorge of Samaria. This 18km long gorge is open from May to October and it is located in the southern side of Chania.
  • Frangokastello fortress
    On the southern side of the area, there is the Fortress of Frangokastello. This fortress is connected to the legend of Drossoulites, some ghost rebelians who are supposed to appear in early mornings of May.
  • Lake Kournas
    Lake Kourna is the only lake with fresh water in Crete. It is situated in a magnificent location, just 4km away from Georgioupolis Chania. The lake is surrounded by a greenery environment with rare plants and trees.


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