Sterea Sightseeing

Located in the center of Greece, Sterea is a region not much open to foreign tourists. Except for the archaeological site of Delphi, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year, the other tourist destinations of Sterea are not famous to foreigners. However, this region provides many beautiful places to discover, especially if you are moving around by car. Things to see & do in Sterea vary and include archaeological sites, Medieval castles, mountainous villages, lakes, and secluded beaches.

Excursions to Delphi, Arachova and Mount Parnassus

The region of Mount Parnassus is a wonderful place to explore by car or on foot. On the slopes of Mount Parnassus, visitors will discover mountainous villages like Arachova and Agoriani, ancient sites like Delphi, green forests and three ski centers that work in winter time.

Excursions to Nafpaktos and Mesolongi

The western side of Sterea has everything: mountainsides, beaches, and lakes. Nafpaktos is a town with intense Medieval atmosphere, ideal for all seasons. Lovely beaches are found in close distance to Nafpaktos for summer, while in winter the mountainous villages of Orini Nafpaktia are great to enjoy the green nature. A popular activity close to Nafpaktos is rafting in the region of Hani Bania.

At a distance of 36 km from Nafpaktos is the beautiful town of Mesolongi, a favorite place for bird watching. The sea lake of Mesolongi is great for fishing and bird watching, as it serves as a valuable natural reserve in autumn and spring. On a hill above Mesolongi is the historical Monastery of Saint Simeon.