Saronic Sightseeing

The islands of the Saronic Gulf are the closest to Athens and only a short ferry ride from the port of Piraeus. Regular ferries depart daily for the islands and port towns of the Saronic.

Excursion to Aegina and Agistri

Ferry connection between Aegina and Agistri from the port of Piraeus is very good. These two islands are frequently visited as a day trip from Athens or for a short weekend break. They are easy to discover by bus, while some routes can also be covered on foot. In Aegina, do not miss a bus trip to the ancient temple of Athena Aphaia, located close to the beach place of Agia Marina.

Also from the small port of Perdika in Aegina, you can take a boat trip to Moni, an uninhabited island with a gorgeous beach. This island was declared a protected area for the flora and fauna that it hosts. Another popular sight in Aegina is the Monastery of Saint Nektarios, the protector of the island, who is considered miracle-worker and receives thousands of pilgrims every year.

Excursion to Poros, Spetses, and Hydra

These three islands are frequently connected by ferry to Piraeus and with each other. Small in size but with a special beauty, they are great places to relax, enjoy long hikes and clean beaches. Poros is very popular among sailors and in fact, many sailing excursions around the Saronic Gulf depart from there. From Hydra, you can visit the seaside town of Ermioni, while from Spetses you have easy access to the cosmopolitan town of Porto Heli.