Ford Backhoe

Ford backhoe can be the best option for backhoe equipment for your company, agriculture business, or business industrial. When you are working in this field, you will find that the equipment is very useful to help your job. In buying the backhoe equipment, always consider to buy Ford backhoe since they give you more advantages.

The main function of the backhoe equipment is digging the ditches and clearing the debris. By using this equipment, you will be able to improve the productivity and lower the production costs. You will find that the equipment will help you to do your operation faster. When you are looking for backhoe equipment, it is better for you to get Ford backhoe. Ford backhoe does not only give you more advantages than other products, but it is also available in various options which you can choose according to your needs and budgets.

Ford backhoe is the product from Ford Motor Company. For who still do not know, this manufacturer is very popular for the heavy agricultural and construction equipment for years. You can find various lines and models for backhoes which you can choose. Each backhoe is designed to have different specifications from other. It is better for you to know that the power which is produced by each backhoe is different. Because of this reason, it is better for you to find the backhoe which matches the best with your requirements.

For the backhoe operator, it is better to read the backhoe service manual. The manual will give you the information about the tractor loader backhoe. The operators will understand how to operate the machine in the right way. The manual will also guide you to maintain or repair Ford backhoe. Maintaining the backhoe equipment can be very useful since it can help the machine to last for longer time and keep the operation of the machine in well condition. There are many types which are offered by Ford. They are including Ford 555 backhoe, Ford 6500 backhoe, and also Ford industrial backhoe loader.

Ford Backhoe 455

If you are looking for Ford backhoe, this type can be the first option for you. It has the diesel engine requiring the diesel fuel. Ford 455 backhoe is also known as the tractor loader which can also be identified as Ford New Holland 455C model. It also features the three cylinders and 55 hp. This equipment can weight approximately for 12,650 lbs. the front bucket of this equipment is about 84 inches and the rear bucket is 18 inches. The ability to dig is about 48 inches depth.

Another feature which is available in this equipment is the four bar linkage attachment. It is equipped with 445 dump clearance of 116.5 inches. The dump reach is about 24 inches and dump angles is about 42 degrees. The bucket capacity is about 5 cubic yards. The bucket will dump in 1.5 seconds period time.

Ford 555 Backhoe

Another option you can choose for the construction equipment. The engine of the backhoe is diesel engine which is also manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It has three cylinder engine featuring 201 cubic inch displacement parts. This equipment can produce 62 gross horsepower output. This Ford backhoe is also designed with 80 inches wheelbase. The dimensions of this equipment are about 276 inches length and 81 inches width.

You can fit this Ford backhoe with Ford 765. The machine has the ability to dig to 185 inches depth. It can fit with 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches. The transmission of this Ford backhoe is six forward and four reverse gears. The backhoe will operate with the hydraulic systems with 21 gallon of hydraulic fluid. The fluid will flow in the rate of 27 gallons per minute.