Caterpillar Backhoe

Caterpillar backhoe is available among all those options of backhoes. Caterpillar backhoe belongs to one of the Caterpillar equipment product line which consists of more than 300 machines. It is manufactured with the standard of the industry. Moreover, the manufacturer has a high commitment in serving its customers high quality equipment with updating products.

Generally, caterpillar backhoe is enabled with some features including spacious cab which is equipped with ergonomic joysticks controls with thumb-operated auxiliaries. Some other features which are offered are built in tool carrier option which can provide you versatility and fast change forks, blades, buckets, and brooms, strong hydraulic system which can provide you great precision along with great productivity.

Furthermore, caterpillar backhoe is also provided with 25 mph or 40 kph travel speed so that it can get into the sites quicker, AccuGrade site reference system for depth check and in-cab grade, ride control option for a smoother ride and also better material retention. Some attachments which are equipped include the hammers, compactors, augers, and a factory-installed thumb.

2002 Caterpillar 420D Backhoe Loader with Quick Coupler

One of the options of caterpillar backhoe is 2002 Caterpillar 420D Backhoe Loader with Quick Coupler. It comes with some features including 85hp diesel, heated cabin, and 1.25 square yard bucket. It is also equipped with manual instruction for forward and reverse. In addition, the expandable backhoe is supplied with 0.35sqyrds, quick attach, soft ride equipped, brakes, and also new tires on the front of the backhoe. This is available in yellow color

2007 Caterpillar 414E 4X4 Skip Loader 4in1 Scarifier

Instead of 2002 caterpillar backhoe, you can also consider this 2007 Caterpillar 414E 4X4 Skip Loader 4in1 Scarifier. This is categorized as low skip loader which comes with 89 inch 1.3 yard 4 in 1 loader bucket, auxiliary hydraulic and also 89 inch Gannon box scrapper attachment along with scarifier. This is sold by a Caterpillar dealer in California in a standard fleet rotation package.

In detail, the features offered include joystick control for the leader bucket and also box scraper, 89 inch Gannon box scrapper along with Hydraulic tines, tilt and pitch control, mechanical four wheel drive, four speed power shuttle/synchromesh transmission, oscillating front axle, and also loader bucket.

Norscot Caterpillar 432E Side Shift Backhoe w/Tools

Another option of caterpillar backhoe you can pick for your need is Norscot Caterpillar. This type of backhoe comes with 6 different attachable tools and also boom with extendable stick which has 180 degree swing and lowers and raises, left and right stabilizers which can be raised and lowered, buckets, as well as front wheel steering and oscillating axle. Also, this machine is equipped with rolling wheels.

1988 Caterpillar 416 Backhoe Loader

This is another option of caterpillar backhoe you can take into your consideration. It is available in yellow color. It comes with some features including Perkins diesel, extra hydraulics, 4 sped, extend a hoe, 1 yard bucket, heated cab, and also all new tires. This backhoe is available in used condition. However, it is still in good condition with all the lights can work properly. Also, bucket leveler is available.