Backhoe Thumb

Backhoe thumb is one of the most needed attachments for various field and site. This equipment can be used to pick up various big items such as rocks, woods, roots, and many more. Backhoe thumb is available in various types, size and shapes. You need to check the best thumb t be attached on your [...]

Kubota backhoe thumb can be attached on your Kubota tractors. You can have various types and kinds of thumb for your Kubota tractors. Kubota backhoe thumbs are made of strong material that will last for years. The functions of Kubota backhoe thumb can be seen on the construction fields. The thumb can be used to [...]

Looking for mini backhoe thumb? There are two options that you can choose to get that. The options are buying or building it by your self. You can buy the equipment with a bit expensive price or you can just build your own mini backhoe thumb. Mini backhoe thumb is available in dealer with various [...]

Do you want to build backhoe thumb? This activity is possible to be done by all people if they want to. When you see if there is a lot of trash, roots and woods on your garden and want to remove it, you can build backhoe thumb in mini size to do heavy duty gardening [...]