Cat 426 Backhoe Buckets

While thinking about Cat backhoe loader, the presence of Cat 426 backhoe buckets is crucial because these products are designed to support the function of this type of backhoe. These Cat 426 backhoe buckets are a good complement that will be perfect for your needs so their use will be a good help that will be perfect for your needs. Just be sure to choose their use that brings a good effect for your business.

If you would like to know more about Cat 426 backhoe buckets, the first thing you must understand is that Cat 416 Backhoe is a brand of backhoe loaders manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. of Peoria, Illinois manufacturer. This heavy duty backhoe is equipped with a front loader bucket and rear backhoe boom swing make this machine a favorite tool for numerous construction, excavation, demolition, agricultural and other industrial applications.

Cat 426 series backhoe loader is a good product which is equipped with an 87 horsepower Cat C4.4 Direct Injection Tubrocharged Aftercooled diesel-powered engine with a 4.13-inch bore. The engine given by this heavy equipment is designed to meet all U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions requirements. Besides, it has the right combination of the engine’s air cleaner and precleaner functions which are put in a single unit in the machine’s front hood. The features given will be perfect while they are added with the use of Cat 426 backhoe buckets that can make caterpillar model as the right machine for your needs.

This series II loader backhoe comes with standard with several features designed which is used to promote vehicles security as well as operator and job site safety. In addition to a secondary parking brake, the equipment is also outfitted with an alarm and key-powered start and stop system.  This system will be able to work properly while giving Cat 426 backhoe buckets because these units can make this machine do the functions properly so you can take benefits from their use.

This model of backhoe is designed with giving a dig depth of 14.3 feet with a rotation of 205 degrees and it is completed with optional extendible stick (“E-Stick”) component to improve reach and dig depth by approximately 4 feet. Besides, this crawler loader is also powered by a narrow boom to enhance the operator’s view to the Cat 426 backhoe buckets throughout the entire operating range.

This machine has multi-purpose Cat 426 backhoe buckets available, beginning with 7BC00210. A new exhaust pipe was added, beginning with 7BC00364. Altitude-compensating turbo was also available, beginning with 7BC00370. Modifications were done to the hydraulic control valves for backhoe swing, boom, skid steer, stick, and loader lift, beginning with 7BC00535.

In 1988 backhoe digging forces were increased and the Cat 426 backhoe buckets linkage was modified, beginning with 7BC01878. All wheel drive gears were removed from two wheel drive units, beginning with 7BC02007. The seat slides of this type machine were modified, beginning with 7BC02017. A new work light arrangement was added for better roaring and working, beginning with 7BC02175.

It is better to purchase the new Cat 426 backhoe buckets if you have a budget more because the new ones will bring good quality that will be perfect for your needs. To save more, you may get the used ones. You do not need to be worried because these units also offer the right quality to meet your needs.

In getting the right Cat 426 backhoe buckets, it is better to do some research for helping you in getting the best units for your needs. The research you do is meant to help you to have enough knowledge that will lead you in taking the wise decision of these buckets. For more information, just check this article out.