Case Backhoe Loader

Case backhoe loader has been known for its durability and versatility. The company provides and produces industry leading backhoe to do heavy duty job. You can choose to have great loader lift capacity and cab visibility. Case backhoe loader can be the best option for your business industrial and agriculture needs.

Get durable industrial equipment that will work in various conditions and weather. People often use this Case backhoe loader for dry clay, frost lines or roots. It new design for the arm will be able to give you greater capability and versatility. Case backhoe loader has extra power break out force and 36 percent greater lift capability. The manufacturer has produced and improved their N series backhoe. Check the selections below to get the proper needs.

Case Backhoe Loader Model 580N

This manufacturer produces backhoe loader for the people who really need power. It has 65% more power than the previous series. Case backhoe loader 580N is one of the best machinery which is built to give you high class and faster productivity. It has new machine and arm innovation that will make you have stronger lift and deeper dig depths.

The new innovation can also be seen from the driver chamber. The chamber has been improved to give superior visibility and better comfort. You will also find that its high-intensity lighting package improves the performance up to 28%.

This Case backhoe loader is also featured with H type and powershift S type enables the operator to shift from the column. Its smart clutch feature enables the operator to customize the transition from forward to reverse and to meet other specific application. The last but not the least is its easy maintenance. It has groundline access that enables you to have daily maintenance. Easy to access swingout coolers, axles, flip up hood, grouped site gauges and spin on filter are the most important parts which can be cleaned easily. This case abckhoe loader is one of the best construction equipment.

580 Super N

This is the other recommendation of Case backhoe loader. It has standard features like the previous products such as improved power, arm design and deeper dig which are very beneficial for your industrial needs. The engine power is 95 horsepower which is strong enough to dig up to 4,37m at once. The transmission is 4F-4R power shuttle synchromesh transmission manual gear shift which is fully synchronized. It has easy flex side lights that offers 45 degree rotation to deliver extra lighting when you may need it at night. The speed of this Case backhoe loader is 38, 6 Km per hour. Similar to the previous product, this equipment is also featured and equipped with beneficial innovation and additional functions such as smart clutch, power shift, and comfortable operator chamber and easy to maintenance. You can read the maintenance tips on the backhoe operators manual book.

580 Super N WT

The last recommendation for Case backhoe loader is 580 Super N WT. this industrial equipment has been featured with innovative standard feature with the difference on the power and class. The engine power of this Case backhoe loader is 97 horsepower that is able to dig up to 4, 39 m at once. Backhoe that uses diesel and has been certified with emission certified can be one of the best investment for heavy industrial needs. This backhoe loader can run up to 38.8km per hour. Its backhoe boom lift is 1775 kg. Vehicles parts are easy to get so you can fix it easily. Operating weight of this machine is 9065 kg. Compare the ability and capacity of this machine with the same machine on its class, you will find that this Case backhoe loader is the best choice for any conditions. You can also choose another type of compact tractors from case if you need smaller size. You can have other equipment if you want o such as New Holland backhoe. See also another information type of the manufacturer such as case backhoe Kubota.

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