Backhoe Tires

It is a fact that backhoe tires are very important for the operation of this machine itself. Since a flat tire can block your backhoe operation, high quality backhoe tires are highly recommended for your need. It will be better for you to pick the tires which are made of a high quality material such as heavy duty rubber with high-traction treads. It can help your backhoe operation stable and responsive. Also, you can reduce the risk of having flat tires.

SolidBooss Tires

One of the tires which you can take into your consideration is SolidBoss tires. It is constructed with a high standard for great value in backhoe tires, tractor tires, farm equipment tires, and also construction tires. By using this type of tires, you can have confidence for having low cost operation. Also, it comes with a competitive price with a competitive or even more value.

SolidBoss tires as one of the option of backhoe tires come in three options such as SolidBoss Aperture Tires, SolidBoss Expanded Wheel, and AirBoss Segmented Tires. The benefits you can get from this SolidBoss Aperture Tires are that it is designed to be demolition, landscaping, dirt work, concrete, asphalt, and also landscaping. Meanwhile, the SolidBoss Expanded Wheel is equipped with scrap, waste management, transfer stations, demolition, recycling, and foundaries.

Furthermore, AirBoss Segmented Tires are designed to be able to work on concrete, asphalt, and dirt work. It also comes with waste transfer.

Some other backhoe tires you can consider to purchase are Solideal, Titan f3, and XMCL. Solideal is made of heavy under thread which can provide you better puncture resistant. It is able to provide you some great features including higher lug which is very beneficial for voiding ratio and stepped tread lungs for providing better traction. Also, it is constructed from natural rubber compound so that it is able to provide cut and tear resistant.

Meanwile, Titan F-3 comes with some features including large footprint and also wide tread design which is able to provide you an excellent load distribution. It is also equipped with deep groves which can provide directional control along with minimal side-slip.

This type of backhoe tires has a durable nylon casing. Another tire you can consider is XMCL. This XMCL is equipped with steel crown brown which can provide excellent puncture and also shock resistance. Moreover, this option of backhoe tires has a unique tread design along with large footprint for outstanding traction and improved stability. It is able to provide you excellent performance for your investment.

Another option of backhoe tires is Tyrfil. This tire which is constructed from a urethane rubber combined with highly engineered polyurethane resin blend so that it can prevent from flat tire since it comes with guaranteed flat-proof pneumatic tires. This tire has been produced for more than 20 years and has been sold more than 500,000,000 products worldwide.

This type of backhoe tires is able to be used for harshest environment. Also, it is designed to be strong so that it can work even with the heaviest industrial equipment. Its durability has been tested with thousand applications. It is currently used for US Armed Forced. It can also be operated on broken glass, nails, rock, and sharp metal.