Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader is also popularly known as digger or loader backhoe. This heavy equipment vehicle has a tractor and bucket in front and small backhoe on its back. Compared to another heavy equipment vehicle, backhoe loader is commonly available in smaller size. It is very versatile for most of applications in urban engineering as well as small construction projects, such as fixing urban roads and small house.

Backhoe loader is very versatile since it is applicable in a wide range of tasks, such as small demolitions, construction, digging holes, breaking asphalt, landscaping, paving roads, and also powering building equipment. In addition, its loader buckets is replaceable with some other power attachments, such as a grapple, breaker, stump grinder, and also auger.

Furthermore, backhoe loader is commonly enabled with quick attach mounting system and also auxiliary hydraulic circuits which are able to provide simple attachment mounting and increase the utilization of the machine on the job site. Its bucket is enabled with retractable bottom allowing this loader to empty the load efficiently and quickly. It has all the features for versatile utilization.

Backhoe is available in a lot of options and types. They come from some different manufacturers with different specifications. Some of the most popular brands are John Deere, JCB, New Holland, and some others. Two of the most common types of tractor backhoe loader are wheel and crawler backhoe loader. They are ideal for certain job site. Crawler model is very beneficial for uneven job site.

Buying this heavy equipment can be very expensive. Thus, if you need this for temporary use, renting it from backhoe loader rental will help you save more money. However, if you need it for repetitive use, you can consider backhoe loader for sale since it offers more affordable price. If you need more information about this construction equipment, you can read the following review.

2CX JCB Backhoe Loader

JCB backhoe is known as one of the reliable backhoe available today. It comes with its new innovation, performance, and reliability. 2CX comes in compact sizes with four wheel steering enabling this heavy vehicle to easily access the inaccessible areas. This option of versatility backhoe loaders is ideal for most applications. Also, it also offers you high standard for better performance and comfort.

This backhoe loader is also enabled with powerful engines of up to 75 hp. With this engine, this backhoe is able to generate high torque which can meet most of applications. For higher efficiency, this unit has ground level daily checks. Also, with its slip differentials axles rear and front, this 2CX backhoe is able to provide great traction even in the difficult conditions.

John Deere 410J Backhoe Loader

John Deere is another reliable backhoe loader which you can find today. This is able to provide you versatility. It is enabled with accurate leveling system which is beneficial for providing the reliable performance of this unit. In addition, it is equipped with electro hydraulic parallel lift which is beneficial for reducing the need of maintenance. It means that you will need less frequency for performing the maintenance.

Buying this backhoe loader, you will get a lot of advantages out of it. You will be able to attach some other attachments to it including those non-Deere products since it is enabled with quick coupler allowing this unit to hook up a wide range of removable backhoe attachments. For more versatility, you can choose tool carrier.

Some other versatility this unit offers you include easy and quick changes for single pin bucket changes, ergonomic pilot control, single radiator cooling package, and also great visibility and comfort for the operator. Thus, this backhoe loader can be one of the alternatives you can trust for accomplishing your job.