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Capital: Samos



The area of the island is 478 km², 43 km long and 13 km wide. It is one of the principal and most fertile of the islands of the Aegean Sea that closely adjoin Anatolia, from which it is separated by a strait of one mile in width.It is occupied at the greater part of its extent by the Kerketeus range of mountains, of which the highest summit is the peak Vigla, at 1,434 m (4,705 ft.) above sea level, near its western extremity, called Mount Kerkis.
The population of the island is 33850 inhabitants , it is comprised of 4 municipalities, Vathi, Karlovasi, Pythagoreio and Marathokampos and its capital is Samos Town. The nearest airport is Samos International Airport. (also known as Aristarchos)
Samos produces many and various products. For that the ancient Greeks used to say "this island produces even birds' milk". Its major products are the famous Samian oil and wine. In the past few years, also the tourist industry is dynamically growing, ranking Samos as one of the major tourist destinations in Greece.



Best Samos Sights:

  • The tunnel of Efpalinus
  • The Temple dedicate to Goddess Hera
  • Sarakinis' tower
  • Lykourgos Tower
  • Cave of Pythagoras
  • The boatyard at St. Isidoros (Kallithea region)
  • Waterfalls of Potami
  • The Genovese Castle (Karlovasi)

Places to visit:
  • Samos town
  • Karlovasi (Is the co-capital of Samos )
  • Kambos of Marathokampos (It's mainly a tourist area )
  • Kokkari (Is a traditional Greek fishing village )
  • Pythagorio (Is one of the best-known summer resorts of Samos Island )

Best Samos beaches:

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